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Founded in 2016 by a visionary pair of designers, Grov Design Studio specializes in residential and commercial interior design and construction, design consultancy, and project management. Our name, inspired by the word “grove,” symbolizes our philosophy: like a tree grove, we are rooted in a commitment to organic growth and resilience. We thrive by growing from the ground up, staying connected to our origins, and continually evolving to meet new challenges—turning over new leaves and bending before we break, always aiming for growth.

At Grov Design Studio, we envision ourselves as a leader in the interior design industry, celebrated for our innovative and enduring designs that go beyond passing trends. We are committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations through strong, collaborative partnerships, the use of advanced technology, and by fostering a team of talented designers who are passionate about crafting extraordinary spaces that make a lasting impact.

Our mission is to transform spaces into captivating environments that stir emotions and enhance the well-being of our clients. Dedicated to excellence, our team delivers outstanding interior design solutions that combine creativity, practicality, and environmental consciousness, ensuring that each project distinctly reflects the personal style and ambitions of our clients.

Founder's Word

Crafting Spaces, Shaping Experiences

Welcome to Grov Design Studio, where each design is an opportunity to enhance how we experience spaces. Since founding Grov in 2016 with my partner, we’ve been driven by a vision to meld aesthetic beauty with functional living.

Inspired by the organic growth of a grove, our studio is rooted in the principles of resilience and practicality. We are committed to transforming your visions into realities, exceeding expectations through a collaborative approach and cutting-edge technology.

At Grov, we’re more than just designers; we’re creators of lasting impressions and enhancers of everyday life. I invite you to explore our work and see how we bring passion and purpose to every project.

Thank you for considering us to help create your perfect space.

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"Together, let's celebrate each milestone as a testament to our journey of innovation and design excellence."

Milestone 1

Founded by a pair of talented and inspiring designers. This marked the inception of the studio, which would go on to make its mark in the world of design.


Milestone 2

Won the Volvo Aurizn Design Challenge. The victory was attributed to for our interpretation of Volvo’s distinct Swedish design language and our application in conceptual interior design.


Milestone 3

Received the prestigious Rising Star Award 2018 This recognition was bestowed upon them during the ninth iteration of the Designer of the Year (DOTY) Awards.


Milestone 4

Celebrated another significant achievement as they were awarded the Gold Winner in the category of "Best Hospitality Design" at the ATAP Design Awards 2019. This accolade was earned for with our design masterpiece of the Eureka Hotel.


Milestone 5

Being honored with the "BEST DESIGN CONCEPT 2021 (Residential)" award at the ATAP Design Awards 2021. This accolade underscored their excellence in residential design and was a testament to their commitment to delivering outstanding concepts.



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