aaron beefy

" Proper designers with style, practicality and professionalism. They know what they are doing, so trust them!"


sny oh

" Grov Design Studio with our new house renovation provided us a "Home" that we are gratefully living in. We would gladly recommend this contractor.Thanks!"

ernie goh

" Thanks Cherry for the forward-looking design! It managed to take into account our needs and also at the same time the strict requirements of the mall."


soo jeat wang

" I strongly recommend their design consultation if you already have some wild ideas for your home. Cherry and her team would try their best to turn your ideas into reality. I am glad that I have every single of my tiny detailed requests fulfilled. For requests that are not practical, Cherry would provide her creative ideas."

" During the renovation stage of my project, unexpected things did happen onsite although we have spent months doing the planning upfront. It was frustrating with the delayed completion, however, with Cherry's good coordination between client and contractor, we got all the problems solved. She would always attend to your concerns patiently and help you come out with the best solution. She is indeed a problem-solver. Thank you for taking care of all the renovation problems, it was worth every penny."

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qasim zubair

" One of the best teams I have worked with. My house renovations were designed and executed in best professional manner possible. Owners and their teams give personal time in every step to ensure all going well. With constructions / renovations, things NEVER go as planned which can be very frustrating but having Cherry, Beh and the team, made all the processes very smooth. From transfer from my old property to the new one, transition was made as smooth as possible keeping in mind we had a newborn to take care of."

" Hickups were dealt and taken care of gently. I might have lost my cool couple of times but they always reamined humble and calm. I am not an easy person to please and I must say Grov Design Studios is one team I am going to work back with again."


lim chu poh

" Grov Design Studio has done a marvelous job for our new cafe - The Craftisan! We'll absolutely recommend them to friends & relatives who wish to design / renovate their house or business premise."


jia herng ng

" Great design and good service"


caritech penang

" Very professional and swift service given the short timeframe we had. Thank you for the marvelous work you did for our office space! Grov Design Studio is one of the leading interior design firms this side of Malaysia. Would recommend."